Consignment Guidelines


Bring in your new or like-new, freshly laundered, women's clothing on hangers you DO NOT need returned, or feel free to hang up your items in-store using the hangers we have available for our consigners! Don't forget your: accessories, jewelry, purses and shoes. We do take items for the current or upcoming season. Please visit our FAQ page for our selling-season schedule. We accept items without an appointment all 7 days of the week.


We review your things while you wait. Keep in mind, it is unlikely that we accept everything, but don't be offended, we're very good at picking out what will sell for you. For some seasonal items, we might ask you to bring them back at a later date. If there are items we do not accept, we are more than happy to donate them to one of our local charities, and in some cases, you can be eligible for a tax write off! (Contact us for more information)


When your item(s) sell during your 60 day consignment period, you will receive 40% of whatever your item sells for, in cash! You can check your account balance by calling or visiting us during our hours. You are always welcome to pick up your earnings, or get credit toward purchases! We may have a check printed for you if your earnings are over $40, this will not show up in your online account.

We base what we accept on shopper trends, as well as style, condition and brand. We are looking for clothing that will sell more quickly, usually 2 years old or newer, hot brand-names or designer labels and styles that sell well in our stores. View our FAQ page.